The law firm of Young, Kelsey, Brown & Strippoli dissolved effective April 26, 2024. We are committed to meeting the legal needs of our clients and believe we can best accomplish this by practicing law in other larger law firms. Our firm has always put our clients interests first, and this decision reflects this commitment. Please be assured that we do not anticipate any interruption in client service or availability during the transition.

You can reach our Attorneys and staff at the following firms:

Lisa E. Brown, Esq. and her paralegal, Melanie Kellam can be reached at the law offices of Smith, Dominelli & Guetti, 1031 Watervliet Shaker Road, Suite 201, Albany, New York 12205. Website: www.sdglawfirm.com Direct Telephone: (518) 608-1955 (Lisa Brown, Esq.) Direct e-mail: lbrown@sdglawfirm.com (Lisa Brown, Esq.) Direct Telephone (518) 608-1956 (Melanie Kellam) Direct e-mail: mkellam@sdglawfirm.com (Melanie Kellam)

If you need to reach Andrea Kelsey, Esq., please contact Lisa E. Brown, Esq. or Melanie Kellam and they will be able to assist you.

Nicole Strippoli, Esq., and her paralegal, Mary Megyeri and legal assistant McKenna Bradley can be reached at the law offices of Monaco, Cooper, Lamme & Carr, 1881 Western Avenue, Suite 200, Albany, New York 12203. Website: www.mclclaw.com; Telephone (518) 855-3535 Direct e-mail: nstrippoli@mclclaw.com (Nicole Strippoli) mmegyeri@mclclaw.com (Mary Megyeri) mbradley@mclclaw.com (McKenna Bradley).

If you need to reach Bill Young, Esq., please contact Nicole Strippoli, Esq. or Mary Megyeri and they will be able to assist you.