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Insights to know before listing your home on the market

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2022 | Residential Real Estate |

At some point, the time may come to sell your home. That could be the right step for people whose New York properties have exceptional market value. However, obtaining the preferred price for a home may involve taking several steps to get it ready.

Potential sellers may wish to research the market to determine whether the time is right to sell. When the market is hot, and homes are going for record prices, putting the property up for sale could be the right move. However, a seller’s market can only do so much.

Necessary repairs

Getting a home into proper shape might be necessary to maximize its value. Everything from minor upgrades, like painting, to major repairs, such as new flooring, may be vital to getting the maximum sales price. Not everyone likes to put money into renovations, but such expenditures could drive up the value or allow you to list the home at a decent price.

Mindfulness of the listing price

Sometimes sellers are eager to put a very high price tag on what they think their property is worth. However, it’s important to list the property objectively and for a price that it will actually sell at. Properties should be analyzed against comparable properties in the area to determine what it should sell for, not what the seller may simply want.

Asking for more than what a home is worth might lead to the property sitting on the market far longer than would be the case with a reasonably priced home. Properties that sit on the market for a long time tend to send a message that there may be something wrong with the home, even though that isn’t the case.

Other matters to weigh when selling a home

Selling a home comes with other concerns, such as making sure the buyer receives all legally obligated real estate property disclosures about any defects. An inspection might uncover problems, but the results could open doors for the would-be buyer to walk away from the deal.